[edited from support email]

Basically, I am interested in doing a cross-cultural study (US, Japan) that measures RT and uses Likert scales to test reactions to facial expressions of emotions.

1. Is it possible to present Japanese characters on the screen with either program? We are trying to avoid having to save the Japanese characters as a picture.

2. Is it possible to present more than one picture and/or open-ended answer box per screen? We want to show a face and use multiple Likert scales to ask questions about it. We would like the option of having participants view a face and several scales as the same time, instead of only being able to show a face and one Likert scale per screen.

3. Is it possible to display up to twenty pictures on the same screen? We want participants to view a face that is morphed from neutral to an extreme expression within 20 steps.

4. is it possible to select one picture on a screen, and have it appear on the next screen? We want participants to select a face from the twenty pictures mentioned above, and on a separate screen, rate Likert scales only on the face that they selected.