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Thread: Vista to XP

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    Vista to XP

    I have a file that works perfectly in Vista, but is not working on my XP computers! They have all the same style settings. I am getting a bunch of different errors for each of the files i'm trying to run. Style Code 0 which I do not have. Also it is flashing that the response is too quick or too slow. I do not have this problem on the vista computers.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I am having a problem with running files I created on a vista computer.
    They simply will not function the same on the XP computer. I have a list of the problems that have been happening with each file.
    They work perfectly in Vista...0 problems.
    For Card Sort A: Row 47 requests style code 0, which does not exist in the style file (.drt) for this session.
    For Card Sort B: This one runs, but during the practice rounds... even when you get the correct answer, it gives you the red X. then says "please try to respond faster" then gives a green check mark. During the actual game... it does score the answers correctly. Then this randomly terminates
    Day / Night --> RUNS GREAT
    For Flanker A & B... this is interesting... They actually come up... I can do the demonstration where I would explain to the child how to do the game... but when it comes time for them to do the practice... it responds the same way the card sort B game does. They see the arrow pointing left, press the left mouse button, a big red X comes up, then "try to respond faster", then a green check mark. Once the real game begins, correct / incorrect answers are just taken until the game is done.
    For the Simon Task: Row 85 requests style code 0, which does not exist in the style file (.drt) for this session.

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    Dear Elhous,

    Nice details--super helpful, thanks. Million dollar question to start here is always... what are the versions of DirectRT you have installed on the Vista vs XP machines? If they are not the same that can account for various differences. If they ARE the same then we can get into some creative problem solving. I ask especially because a new (improved) version was written to be able to run on Vista/Windows 7 and some people may not have also installed it on their XP machines resulting in some differences like this. So... ?


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    The version of direct rt installed on the vista computers is the new beta version - this could not run on the xp machines, so these are using the 2008v that is the most recent download link available on the empirisoft website. Also though the csv files run without flaw on the vista computers, I am not sure why the scripts would fail on the xp version of the program, as I do not believe that i have used any scripts that are foriegn to the xp version of direct rt. Thank you so much!

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    That's very helpful to know. The newer (XP/Vista/Windows7) version has better error handling for problems with input file syntax. The older v2008 often comes up with "style error in row" or "missing loc..." feedback when there is a problem in the syntax of the previous row of the input file, e.g., see:


    If you'd like to attach your input and style files, I'd be happy to take a look.

    PS., the new version of DirectRT should now work fine on XP as well as Vista and Windows 7 (just in case you want to try that as an alternative--just send an email to our sales manager, John, through the service@ email address).

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