I am trying to create a trial in which a number of images are flashed on the screen for a brief period of time (100ms) using Direct RT v2006. I want to collect a RT from the moment a particular one of these images begins to display. The problem is that I want the later images to continue flashing on the screen while the RT is being collected. Is there any way I can do this? I have attempted to use the clear screen during RT function, but this does not allow for other stimuli to begin displaying, it just leaves the screen blank.

What I want is a RT to still be taken even if the next stimulus has begun. This is important because most subjects will not be able to respond within the 100 ms time frame that the "target" stimulus is being displayed. Ideally, the target would be displayed and the timer would begin simultaneously. After displaying the target stimulus for 100 ms, the next picture in the queue would be displayed, but the timer would still keep running for a second or so longer to give the subject time to respond. How can I make this happen?