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Thread: Printing and editing questionnaire files

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    Printing and editing questionnaire files

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    Is there a way to print out a hardcopy of what you have inputed as the questionnaire's design? Also, is there a syntax system for inputting items that doesn't depent on a graphic interface. i.e., to reduce the repetitive nature of inputting a questionnaire with several items without copying and pasting cells in the dialogue box?

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    You can print the questionnaire files from the Experiment Editor using the Print command on the File menu. This is for record keeping only though--it doesn't produce a "paper & pencil" version.

    There is no syntax system for creating questions--for that you might want to check out Inquisit or DirectRT depending on what your needs are. One way to speed up the editing process is to open and edit the questionnaire files directly in Microsoft Access.. from the guide:

    Questionnaire (.que) and Experiment (.exp) files are really just small Access database files. If you right click on any questionnaire or experiment file and select Open With, you can choose Microsoft Access if you have it installed (you may have to browse for it). If you do this you may be informed that you can not make changes to database objects. That's ok. You may also be asked if you want to convert the database to a more recent version--just say no, and ask to open the file. Once the file is open in Access, you can double click on Table1 to edit the file. This allows you to bypass the MediaLab Experiment Editor completely or you can do some of the work in Access and some of the work in the MediaLab editor. Some people, e.g., like to load their files into Access for heavy copying and pasting jobs, or to use the Access Spell Checker.
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