Hi, I have the same problem as stated in the quote below. However, the solution suggested by Empirisoft does not work for me.
I need to use the jumping command "<-" because in case of a correct response each trial continues in an unique way. As stated below, using the minmax function in addition causes direct rt to end the experiment if you respond too slowly and with the wrong key. Has this bug been fixed?


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I have a Direct RT question. Participants are supposed to hit the up arrow when a particular symbol appears but the down arrow if a different symbol appears. I have already set up my csv file such they get feedback if they hit the correct arrow key. Specifically, they see a green "O" if they press the correct response and a red "X" if they press the incorrect response. The way I've set this up is that the "O" is part of each individual trial, but if the participant presses the wrong key, they jump briefly to trial 950, which presents the "X".

Now I want to also give participants feedback if they aren't responding fast enough, whether they get it right or wrong. So I'd love for a "you're too slow" message to come up in addition to the O and the X. But I'm not sure how to do that. I tried the minmax feature, but that had two problems: (a) If I go too slow, I get the warning but not the O or the X, and worse (b) if I go too slow AND I get the trial wrong, the experiment ends (presumably after jumping to trial 950, it didn't know how to get back, I guess?)

Anyway, I hope this makes sense - can you help me? Thanks...