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Thread: Varying distance between scale ends

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    Varying distance between scale ends

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    We are attempting to set up a study where we vary both the horizontal and vertical distance between numbers (prices) (e.g., $2--$8 vs. $2-----$8), and ask subjects to respond to which of the numbers is largest/smallest. Is there a way to do that directly in terms of the input file, or do we need to create a separate bitmap "image" for each number/distance combinations?

    If the former, I can see how to enter a number (e.g., 2) in the Stim column, and to use the Loc column to tell DirectRT where to place that stimulus. But if I have TWO numbers (e.g., 2--8), and I want one of those numbers (e.g., 2) positioned relative to the left border, and the other (e.g., 8) positioned relative to the right border, how do I do that? Are the two numbers then considered DIFFERENT stimuli (shown on the same screen), or separate stimuli? Do I need two Stim/Loc columns, one for each number?

    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

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    Yes, the numbers and any line between them would be different stimuli. You can use percentages when specifying screen location so this should be pretty easy. Take a look at the section on compound screens in the user's guide.

    In the example you gave, you could try:

    ~2     .4,.5,0     0     ~8     .6,.5,0     0
    ~2     .3,.5,0     0     ~8     .7,.5,0     0
    Hope that helps,
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