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Thread: RT:text weirdness

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    RT:text weirdness

    In some trials of an experiment we are running, when we request an open-ended text response, a dialog box comes up as expected, but the hightlighted word 'cat' (!!!) appears in the dialog box every time, instead of empty space with a flashing cursor. In addition, whatever text is entered into the dialog box (we are asking for number-pad responses), the response code that is being recorded is 223, which does not appear among the key codes list.

    We just installed DirectRT v2006 on new computers running Windows XP. We initially created the DirectRT .csv files on machines that were running Windows 2000, but this shouldn't matter, as the .csv files look like they're supposed to. We are getting other RT responses (e.g., RT:203,205) recorded correctly. We tried an old (non-USB) and new (USB) keyboard and that didn't change anything. This experiment worked perfectly on our old machines, which were running a somewhat earlier version of v2006.
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    This is a bug, and I have no idea how it happened--it is actually in the programming code now to display "cat" as the default response for open ended items. All I can think of is that when running through the "open ended responses" sample, I answered "cat" while doing some testing. Somehow, that text landed in the programming code between the two empty quotes used to define the default response for the open ended questions. As improbable/impossible as that seems to me, it becomes even more unlikely when combined with that 223 code. I will fix this today. It will be resolved in versions from 2006.2.19 onward.
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    Both issues are fixed. Please try the update for v2006.2.19 which can be found here:


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    Thank you!

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