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Thread: Different display-durations of &list-stimuli

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    Different display-durations of &list-stimuli

    I would like to present stimuli using a &list (stimuli are shown sequentially). This is necessary because they need to be shown in a particular order. The stimuli are embedded in a larger set of other stimuli. All stimuli are presented randomly within subjects.
    The stimuli of the &list are one video clip (11 seconds) and two pictures (actually two screenshots of the video). During the presentation, the video shall always be presented first in full lenght (11 seconds) and afterwards the two pictures of the &list shall be presented. However, I would like to present the pictures only 3 seconds each instead of 11seconds.
    Is there any way I can attach a display-duration-information to each stimuli? Maybe in the &list? Right now I only figured out to show all three trials belonging to the &list either 11 seconds or 3 seconds.

    I would be very happy if someone out there could help me with this. I attached a part of my csv-document and the &list.

    Thank you so much!
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