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Thread: missing values

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    missing values

    I know you can use different numbers instead of 99 for missing values, but is there a way for missing values to leave it blank? Could I create the fext file labelled missing, and just leave it blank?

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    You could try it, but I believe the value has to be numeric. May I ask why you want this to happen? Just curious.

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    We just thought it would be easier when analyzing the data to have blanks instead of having to label the 99s for each variable as missing.

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    This may also help: in SPSS, you can look at the Variable View of your data and indicate a missing value. ("Missing Value" is one of the columns in that view.) if you double-click on the missing value cell for a variable, it will bring up a window that allows you to specify the missing value. So in this case, if you said it was 99, then SPSS will skip any "99" entry in any analyses you do using that variable. And you can do that for as many of your variables as you like.

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