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Thread: DirectRT and Keyboard

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    MediaLAB, DirectRT and Keyboard

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    I want to use an implicit measurement like an implicit association test (IAT) in my study. I found that MediaLab and DirectRT could do this, yes? I also saw a millisecond accurate keyboard on your web page. If I use an implicit measurement with my laptop should I use this keyboard? Finally, if i want to buy these programmes and a keyboard, how do I proceed?
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    MediaLab alone isn't capable of performing an IAT. However, it can be done with DirectRT. In fact, we supply sample files for an IAT in every installation.

    A search for 'IAT' in these forums will return many discussions.

    The keyboards have been designed to capture keystrokes within 1 mS, then transmit that data to the computer within 1 additional mS. These specifications will likely reduce the timing error and uncertainty produced by a regular keyboard or mouse.

    If you're interested in ordering, just contact us by email at 'sales@empirisoft.com.' We'll send you an invoice which may be paid online with a credit card, or printed out and passed along to your purchasing department for later payment.

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