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Thread: Trouble with videos

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    Trouble with videos


    I'm having trouble with a DirectRT study that should show 200 2-second video clips and get a single response from the participant after each one.

    For some participants, everything runs fine and the data is saved. For others, at some random point, something goes wrong and DirectRT either minimizes and won't show the next video, or the screen goes completely black and won't respond to keypresses other than "Escape", or sometimes the DirectRT program window just starts flashing. In these cases usually nothing is saved.

    We thought it might be a damaged clip or two, but when I set about trying to find the culprit clip, it would consistently crash after the first ten clips, no matter which one was showing. That was on a certain computer. I tried it on another, where it would consistently crash at around 120 clips. We moved to a third computer where it would run all the way through, which worked for about 15 participants, but suddenly this computer is showing the same signs - crashing whimsically. This happens whether I'm running the program off the network or off the hard drive.

    The confusing factor here is the randomness! We'll lose two participants from a morning session, then my RA will go through it and it'll work perfectly! Then the first afternoon participant will be fine, but the next one won't even get past the practice trials.

    We've been using divx clips, but I'm going to spend the evening making them into .wmv files in case that helps with stability. But any advice in the meantime would be appreciated!

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    Some quick questions first--

    1. what version of DirectRT are you using (200x.x.x)?
    2. are you using DirectRT in conjunction with MediaLab in this study
    3. what kind of machines (make and model--esp. if Dell Optiplex) and
    4. do you ever see this result if you shut down the machine and reboot?

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