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Thread: Video quality doesn't look quite right in DirectRT

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    Video quality doesn't look quite right in DirectRT

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    We have been trying to use videos as stimuli and measure reaction times. We notice that the clarity of the videos seems better in MediaLab tahn in DirectRT. Do you know why?

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    Yes, by default, DirectRT runs in 16-bit colour mode. It does this because it gives the program a little extra boost of speed. This is great for text and images but not so great for video. If you're using video and you want the video to look its best, you'll want to run your session in full colour mode (24 or 32-bit).

    To do this, create a simple text file called "colour.txt" (yes, the u is necessary!) and copy it to your experiment folder (i.e., the same folder as your input file). In the text file, simply type the number of colour-bits you'd like DirectRT to use. You can use the values 8, 16, 24 and 32. If DirectRT finds your colour.txt file then it will know you want a custom colour depth. If you use 24 or 32 then the video should play in full colour and look really nice. Your system may only support one or the other (i.e., 24 or 32 but not both) so you may have to try each, or check your display settings to see what is allowed.

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