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Thread: Problems Running Input Files

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    Problems Running Input Files

    I have DirectRT 2008.

    When I try to select and run an input file, the task does not open. I wait for a few minutes and try again. A warning bar comes up that says:
    "There is another instance of executeDRT.exe still running." But there is no additional screen or task visibly open.

    I tried closing this using my task manager and also closing DirectRT all together. I tried restarting my computer. None of these have worked.

    This has occurred on 2 different computers, of which the first will still not run DirectRT input files. This happens no matter which file I try to run, including the sample input files.


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    Hi Tori - See if the following thread helps:

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if I can help in any way.

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    I have the exact same problem as Tori. When trying to run an input file, I receive a message saying that "There is another instance of executeDRT.exe still running", although there are no other active tasks. My task manager shows that the executeDRT.exe file is not responding. This happened on multiple computers. Closing the program, restarting the computer - nothing helps.
    I am using DirectRT, not MediaLab, and the file is relatively short and simple. Just yesterday it worked ok, and now the program is not responding.
    Sample input files don't run either.

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