Can I use the '$' symbol in front of my list name in a compound trial so that the stimuli show up from the same list, but there are no duplicates within the trial?

I am setting up a match-to-sample task with pictures. I need to have the probe picture and the target choices (other pictures) chosen from the same set of pictures (i.e. the same list file). I have already set up yoking to make the correct target (matching picture) to show up with the probe, but I need to fill in some distractors that come from the same list as the probe. If I use the randomization without replacement function, will that allow my distractor pictures to show up and NOT match the probe picture.

Also, will this effect my between-trial randomization? Besides randomizing within my trials, I need the probe pictures to be randomized across trials too. I need each picture from the list to randomly appear as the probe once before the list is repeated.

I hope this all makes sense.