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Thread: Calling specific trials in DirectRT from MediaLab

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    Calling specific trials in DirectRT from MediaLab

    Hi folks,

    I'm pretty sure this problem can only be fixed by using multiple .csv files, but I thought I would check first because it is gonna be a TON of work to do if I have to make multiple .csv files. So if you have a solution for me, please tell me!

    Here's what I'm doing: I am running two blocks of 12 trials. I call these blocks from MediaLab via the r pararameter. This works great until I randomize the trials. I need to use a between-groups randomization (I think) in my .csv files to randomize within each block because each trial involves about five lines of code.

    I was previously able to run two blocks from a single .csv file with randomization within the blocks, by pairing the bsg values with the block values. It worked great.

    However, I have 24 .csv files in this experiment and I need to counterbalance the order of block presentation. I can do this with my responses.xls file and medialab. However, the randomizaiton within blocks screws it all up and I end up with questions from block 2 in block 1.

    Any ideas?

    Here are the relevant files since I know this is a complex question.

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    Tricky situation. One way to avoid the problem, I think, is to NOT randomize your trial order in DirectRT. Keep all the WGR and BGR values at 0. To attain your randomization, create two seperate stimulus files--one for each block--and draw randomly from those two files to fill up your stimulus needs for each trial. Does that make sense?

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