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Thread: Showing participants scores?

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    Showing participants scores?

    Hi, me again. Same experiment, different question. I was wondering if it is possible to give people a score according to their responses. I was thinking something like: correct response is worth 5 points, an incorrect response is worth -5 points, failure to respond in time is worth -10 points. Is there any way to do this in DirectRT, and if so, how can i show it to the participant? I was thinking this might be a extremely useful way to motivate subjects to try as hard as they can to perform well on an experiment rather than just "going through the motions" as many subjects seem to do when faced with a longer experiment.
    (i havn't been able to think of a way to do this or any type of reasonable work-around, unless i make a jump trial for every single possible combination of button presses and scores that could result.)

    Another thought that i had was whether or not i would be able to have another program (what program, i'm not sure, but play along with me) running in the background and have it interact in with Direct RT in some way that would allow this other program to accuratly keep track of the score? It would have to synch with direct rt to know which trial is being displayed (so it can know whether to add or subtract)... is this possible or am i being unrealistic?
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    Recycling trials originally answered incorrectly

    Hi, me again, same experiment again, keep forgetting to add questions. This time the question is whether or not it is possible to "recycle" questions/trials that have been answered incorrectly. Basically, if a subject answers a question wrong, i want to give them feedback whether they were right or wrong (check), move onto the next randomly selected prime-trial pair (check), and add the incorrectly answered question to the random mix of trials-yet-to-come (no check). I know there is a function to require the correct response to continue, but thats not quite what i'm looking for; its more like requiring the correct response to end the experiment. If it is possible, how do i do it?


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    MediaLab has that kind of functionality but DirectRT doesn't--at least not yet. We're hoping we can get that built into DirectRT for the next version.

    See also: http://www.empirisoft.com/Support/showthread.php?p=1477
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