I am able to play video files in DirectRT. However, I need the DirectRT to send a TTYL signal when the video begins because I am recording physiological data and need a reference point for my data analysis. As I only have 2 short video clips, I only need 2 TTYL signals.

For some reason, DRT is not sending the signals properly.

If I restart the PC on which the DRT is running and then start the DRT program with the video clips, it will send a TTYL signal. After sending this first signal, however, it will send no signals thereafter.

Each video clip has its own input file and is run independently (as DRT would not run the 2 clips in the same input file). Any clues as to why I'm having this problem?

I've checked the input files and there appears to be no problem there. Besides, I can get one signal using either one of the input files after restarting my PC (which means it is reading the files properly).

I've also tried using a different computer with DRT and still had the same problem.

I've checked Ethernet cord that runs from my Biopac software to the PC that records my physiological data and there is no problem there. I also checked the cord that sends the TTYL signal (that looks almost like a printer cable) and it works properly.

Can you help me?
Thank you!