I am trying to set up a thought listing variable and subsequent thought rating variables. What i would like it to do is to ask the subject to list out the initials of people they know (thought listing), then go through each person and ask a series of questions about each person.

The one problem i am having, is by setting up each of the questions as a thought rating, it will keep asking the question for each person, then move on to the next question and ask that for each person, then move onto the next question.... Is there anyway that i can have it go to the first person they responded with, ask question one, two three, etc.., then move on to the second person, asking question one, two, three....? Hopefully this makes sense...

THe other problem i am having is with the SKIPS in the thought ratings. Basically, if i set a skip and that option is chosen, it still doesn't skip properly. Any idea why?

Thanks for any help