Good afternoon Dr. Jarvis.

This recommendation may be one that the members of Empirisoft are currently exploring for future versions of MediaLab. In case it's not, I wanted to propose it as an addition to the program that I think would be of tremendous use to social scientists who wish to simulate conversations or related activities in a laboratory context.

In my own research, I am having students write about a personal experience to a participant they believe is seated in a nearby room. I had hoped to simulate an email correspondence between participants and their fictitious partners in MediaLab, but was unable to devise a reasonable (or believable) way to accomplish this. Generally speaking, I think that adding an interface to MediaLab that resembles an email or instant messaging program that would allow participants to communicate or think they are communicating with another participant, would be a tremendous addition to the program's already remarkable set of capabilities.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Dr. Jarvis. My best wishes to you.