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Thread: Merging output files

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    Merging output files

    I am a newbie. I am trying to analyze the result of the first round of my directRT runs. I have a whole bunch of .csv files -one for each research participant. How do I merge these into one file that I can them import into SPSS? The Mergefile option is only letting me merge text files. I tried merging the .csv files but to no avail.
    - do I need to convert each .csv output file into a text file and then merge them?

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    The FileMerge program should have no trouble merging .csv files. At what point is it giving you trouble? Are you dragging the the cvd files into the main window, selecting them all and then requesting the merge?

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    Thanks Jarvis!
    When I hit "merge data files," a dialog box opens up that asks me to open the files to merge. Using the "all files" option is letting me access .csv files (thanks) but I am not able to select more than one .csv file. As soon as I select .csv file, it gets converted into a text file.
    How can I select multiple .csv files and have them merged?
    Thanks again

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    Ahh. I think the window you are referring to is actually asking you for a name for the output file (which is why one one filename is allowed). After you have dragged all your files into the window, simply use the mouse to select them all and the click merge data from the file menu. Create a new file name for the output and that should be it. You may have to rename is .csv if it saves as a .txt file.

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    The dialog box I am referring to is called "Empirisoft Filemerge." The options it has are: File, Options, and Help. Within File, the options are: New File List, Open File List, Clear Window, Save List, Save List As, Print List, Merge Files!, Launch Windows Explorer, and Exit.
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    We are talking about the same program. I was referring to the dialog window that pops up when you click "Merge Files!" from the File menu.

    If you still have any trouble with it, I would try going through the file merge tutorial located on the Help menu. If it's still not making sense, let me know and I can talk you through it over the phone.

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