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Thread: Custom item issue with multiple radio

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    Custom item issue with multiple radio

    Hello, we're having some trouble with a custom that we are creating. I've attached the html and que files. The html code indicates that we want radio buttons and multiple items on the same page. The issue is that the data is not saving (it's saving as "99"). The last several lines of the html code indicate that medialab should replace "var" with the custom item name (which would result in variables like "AA1j"). The reason I think the problem is about the "ml.replace" command is that when I change one of my "placeholder" item names from "AA1j" to "varj" the data IS saved (see the html file). Notice also that if you delete those last several lines, nothing changes. We also found
    code and que files that were posted on the website for "multiple radio" buttons-- that code+que did not work either, at least not with regard to saving data. Here is the link to that code:


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to get this study off the ground soon. Thanks!
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    When we first started doing the custom items like this, we used the "replacement" syntax that was in the HTMl file you attached. Since the release of v2008 though, we improved the method (see the user's guide) and it's a lot more efficient. For one, you do not need to list all the variables in your que file like that any more. Simply indicating (v5) when you call the custom item tells MediaLab to create 5 variables for the custom item. Then you can simply refer to those variables as <ml.varname>_01, <ml.varname>_02, <ml.varname>_03, <ml.varname>_04, and <ml.varname>_05 in your form. Try running the attached revision and see if it works for you. I just tried it here and it recorded the data fine.
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