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Thread: Peices of data missing

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    Peices of data missing

    I am using a counting span task that another researcher programed in MediaLab. She had no problems with the program, however I've run several participants and when I looked at their data I was missing two sets of responses - in SPSS the responses were being coded as 0, yet all of the other responses are present and correct. Looking at the data as a whole I notice that my data is being written to the csv file differently than my colleague's and much information is in the wrong place or missing. I've run through the program myself and it runs fine but the data is different. It's the exact same run file, I don't understand why the data would be different. I've attached the .csv and .sav output files as well as the .que. Two cases of my colleague's data is included, under subject they are 1 and jdg, all of the rest are my data. The data I'm missing is for the variables sum05_1 through sum05_06 and sum11_01 through sum11_04. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my colleague is unreachable and I am unfamiliar with media lab.

    Nevermind. I was able to get in touch with my colleague and she found that somehow the "write data" check boxes cam unchecked for those 2 trials.
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    Thanks for the update--good to hear that you were able to figure it out!

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