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Thread: Keeping items on one screen

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    Keeping items on one screen

    How do I code instructions and multiple questions so that they appear on a single page (screen) at the same time?

    Our study has an image or a story which (on the written form) is on the same page as the questions that apply to it.

    We need to keep multiple questions and the instructions on the same screen. Is there a way we can do this? We are running v.2006.
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    No real convenient way to do that without creating a custom item. But to do it with some degree of convenience, you really need v2008. Up until this year, MediaLab was really designed to do just one question at a time. It still is, but at least you have the option now of creating HTML forms like those used in internet surveys and including them in your study (whether they are local or on the web). A sample custom item that assesses demographic characteristics is available here:


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