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Thread: Stop scale text from being disappearing?

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    Stop scale text from being disappearing?

    I was creating a 9-point scale in MediaLab. I created it as a horizontal (left to right) scale and all the buttons are fine on the screen. However I want to put text underneath just the extreme values (e.g. 1 & 9). For example, 1 is indicated as “extremely positive” and 9 is “extremely negative”, none of the other numbers need words underneath.

    The problem is that for some of the scales, the text underneath the numbers sometimes gets cut off (usually on both ends of the word) underneath the scale. I’m guessing it is too big for the space allotted for that number. Is there a way to prevent this? Even simple word text values are getting cut off like “distracting” (the “d” and the “g” are barely displayed). I know the simple solution is to switch the scale to vertical (top to bottom) but I would like to avoid this if at all possible.

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    You can create and apply a quick style (see manual or online help) that stores a set of font and colour combinations that you can apply to a single item or set of items. This is an easy way to quickly change to a smaller font when certain items dont work well with your default font (e.g., when using horizontal scale responses).

    Alternate solution.. Since MediaLab v2006 now supports html forms, you could design your question using a standard HTML survey form with any program you like. If you want to do that you can design it to look however you want and I'll show you how to have MediaLab present it in your questionnaire and save the data automatically in the SPSS and Excel data files.

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