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Thread: input file crashes DirectRT on 1 computer

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    input file crashes DirectRT on 1 computer

    I put together an input file on my laptop last night, and the whole study ran perfectly fine. I copied the whole experiment folder to my lab computer to start running subjects. The same experiment, when run on the lab computer, crashes about 80% of the way through the experiment, opens the Microsoft Error Reporting prompt, and leaves nothing in the data file/log.

    The whole experiment still runs perfectly fine on my laptop.

    It seems to happen at the same point all the time, so I tried cutting the input file to just a few trials (+/- 10 from the troublesome trial) but this truncated input file runs fine. I know it isn't a problem with the input file itself, since it runs fine on my computer, and it isn't a problem with anything in that trial specifically, since it runs through that trial fine in the truncated version.

    The DirectRT samples work fine, as do other input files we have already been running for other studies in the lab.

    The lab computer is running DirectRT version 2004.3.0.27 on a Windows XP Professional OS. I've already tried to quit out of every other program that's running concurrently, tried rebooting the computer, and tried running it off the main hard drive (instead of the external HD where all our experiments typically reside).

    I don't know what's wrong, and I'm out of troubleshooting ideas. What should I do?

    So temporarily, I'm leaving my personal laptop in the lab for all the research assistants to use to run subjects. I tried creating a separate user account on my laptop for the RAs to use (so they don't have access to all my personal files), but launching DirectRT from a new user account on my computer brought up the licensing window telling me that I need to register for a license. I have a licensed copy running on my laptop already. Do I really need multiple licenses for different user accounts on the same computer?

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    No, they just need full access/permissions for the DirectRT folder. However, I'm curious--if you simply divide the session into two seperate sessions, will they each run error free on these machines? i.e., as opposed to truncating it.

    Just curious because if so, that would suggest the problem is one of system resources. Otherwise it may be an input file issue that only occurs on these machines for some reason.

    In that regard, you mentioned tha lab computer is running 2004.3.27--is that the same as on your laptop?

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    I just checked, and indeed it runs fine if I divide the session into 2 separate sessions. I just can't do that for the real experiment because I need it to randomized trials across all of them.

    It worries me if it's a system resource problem (although there's plenty of HD space left, and it seems to have sufficient resources available for all of our other studies). The laptop is running version 2006.2.0.28... Do I need to upgrade the lab computer to the 2006 version?

    The DirectRT program is placed in C:\DirectRT on my laptop, and I haven't limited user access to this folder. hmm...

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    Yes, upgrading the lab machine to the same version that's on your laptop is the first thing I'd try. If you'd be looking at an upgrade fee (jumping from v2004 to v2006), I can give you a free code to test it out for a few weeks first to see if that's actually the problem.

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