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Thread: Medialab Customized Scales

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    Medialab Customized Scales

    We want to use two types of scales that seem to be unavailable at medialab. Namely:

    1.Instead of a X-point scale, we would like to use a continuous scale. More specifically, we would like to use a straight axis, anchored on the two ends, say like this:


    Then we would like the subjects to be able to move a cursor along the line with their mouse, to indicate their answer.

    2.We are also interested to use in medialab a scale that would be anchored at a word on the one side, and at a picture on the other side. Also, instead of text, we would like to present a picture. For example, we want to place a picture of a man at the top. The scale then would be anchored on the word "woman" on the one side, and a picture of a woman on the other. Subjects will have to rate which (the word "woman" or a picture of a woman) is more closely associated to the stimulus (picture of the man). How can I do this at medialab?
    For an illustration see attached file, taken from Holbrook et al, 1984.

    Is it possible to develop these two scales at medialab? How?
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    See www.empirisoft.com/Support/showthread.php?t=523

    and www.empirisoft.com/Support/showthread.php?t=1103

    I believe the latter link discusses the addition of images. If you have any trouble, please let me know.
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    Hi and thanks a lot!!

    This slider works fine except two things:

    1. Medialab automatically transforms all text to lower case letters. I cannot use any capital letters, not even to start a sentence. How can I fix this?
    2. How can the indicator at the right be hidden?

    Thanks in advance fpor a prompt reply!

    Both links discuss the slider scale, so the question about image ancored scales remains.

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    What version of MediaLab are you using? i.e., 200x.x.x?

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    i have the same question about hiding the slider's indicator. i'm using ML 2006.1.35


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