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Thread: Degree of RT accuracy?

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    Degree of RT accuracy?

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    I am new to the internet psychological testing or reaction time, but very interested in the possibilities of empirisoft (found a thread on the web). A major question I have is whether reaction times can be obtained with any degree of accuracy. Do you happen to know about that topic? Can stimuli be locked to the screen refresh rate, or can the time that a stimulus really appears on the screen be recorded to improve precision (think of 60 Hz, gives a possible error of near 17 msec).

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    Yes, DirectRT can lock RTs (and stimulus presentation) to the refresh rate. So RTs can be assessed with up to a millisecond or so of error. Hardware latency is out of our control (i.e., how long it takes a given input device to make its data available). Here are some links to additional information you might find useful.

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