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    has this been resolved?

    [edited by moderator]


    I'm writing to see if this issue has been resolved for you.

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    ML Shutting Down/Losing Data

    Hi Blair et al.,

    I've been waiting to see if there was a response to 05-05-2011 12:43 PM
    by wbshreves about random shutdowns, because I've been experiencing a similar problem. But I haven't seen...
  3. thanks, got resolved

    Hi Blair, [edited by moderator] I wanted to wait until we'd run another larger sample. But yes, after running about 24 new people without any freezing issues, I think it's been resolved. Thanks so...
  4. thanks, got it

    Thanks, Blair. I've gotten this from John, and I'm testing it now. I'll post if it resolves the problem.
  5. [solved] Windows 7 Freezing up when Ss clicking too fast

    I recently installed the latest version of ML available, got all my licenses, etc., and am running ML on Windows 7 32-bit Intel Celeron machines. I'm running into kind of an issue that when people...
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    a question about IAT order in syntax

    First off, thanks for all the work in creating, adapting, and modifying this syntax, and posting it for all to use!

    That said, I have a question about the syntax you posted (the referenced post is...
  7. Great! No worries, though. It's not too hard to...

    Great! No worries, though. It's not too hard to deal with. Probably I should just update my knowledge of how to use access. And I love ML all the same.
  8. I can get the file open in access easily enough....

    I can get the file open in access easily enough. I'm not familiar enough with access to know how to easily create sequential series of item names (which I know how to do in excel easily). So, at this...
  9. Ok...Thanks! Afterward, I realized I could change...

    Ok...Thanks! Afterward, I realized I could change the file extension (but that's too easy!) from access to .que. Still, there is the necessity to cut and paste from *excel* into *access* and then...
  10. cutting and pasting from excel or other programs

    Typically, when I need to create a series of numbered items (e.g., itemname01, itemname02, itemname03, etc.) I create these with a program like MS excel, which does this easily, then paste this into...
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