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  1. Still out of luck

    Note to myself:

    I tried re-installing the operating system (from Korean Win 7 to English Win 7) and then re-installed Direct RT (and Media Lab, too).

    Again, Media Lab 2018 successfully sent out...
  2. Am I out of luck?

    It has been several days since I've been asked whether I have access to a "traditional computer" with a parallel port embedded in a mother board. I do not have access to old technology at this point:...
  3. Afraid not -- do not have the old machine.

    The old machine with on board parallel port has been phased out. So no, unfortunately. :(
    Do you have any other suggestions? Do you think there is a way to "trick" DirectRT by plugging in some other...
  4. Sending TTLs: When MediaLab 2018 works, but DirectRT 2018 doesn't case 34924)

    Hello, I have an interesting case that sending TTLs from DirectRT 2018 does not work, while MediaLab 2018 do.

    I have a PCI printer card inserted to the PC, and the IO Test shows that the port...
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