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  1. direct rt v2008.1.0.13 medialab v2008.1.11 Yes,...

    direct rt v2008.1.0.13
    medialab v2008.1.11
    Yes, directRT had a problem opening the file.
    I fixed the problem, by opening the file using txt I found that the word "BLOCK" in the file disappeared....
  2. error

    Hi Jason,
    I keep getting the same error from executeRT: "This does not appear to be a DirectRT input file"
    Any more ideas?

  3. Hi Jason, Is your DirectRT input file located...

    Hi Jason,

    Is your DirectRT input file located on the same hard drive as the DirectRT program itself? YES

    I have always ran DirectRT input file from the same location and the error message...
  4. problems with directRT input file (case 17696)

    After running an input file for a year or so, we suddenly experience a problem.
    The error is : This does not appear to be a directRT input file.
    When I look at the input file, it seems that...
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    and when I do not specify a style code in a stimuli box, will it use the style mentioned in the style column? or now that I use a specific code for a stimuli box I should do so in all other stimuli...
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    Style for trial

    The problem as I see it is that my trial is combined of two responses from subjects. For the first, I want a time limitation but for the second I dont want a minmax limitation. Again, the two are in...
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    continue after 4sec (case 12221)

    I am trying to make the trial continue if subject does not respond after 4 seconds.
    Subjects need to press a key between 1 to 5
    I wrote this command:
    rt:1,2,3,4,5,clear4000 but it only clears...
  8. present three pictures on a screen (case 12194)

    I have a problem with programing a direct rt file.
    I want to present two pictures on a a screen that will be chosen without return from a text file, and I want another picture, of two frames...
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    stim list (case 12183)


    I am trying to present pictures from a list in a random order without return, so that only after direct rt finishes using all the stimuli from the list, it can present them the second time. ...
  10. Feedback and fixed presentation time (case 6879)

    I want to design a task that will:
    1. Present two pictures at the same time for 6000ms (not more, not less).
    2. Require a response (choosing one of the pictures, e.g. right or left arrow)....
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    data is not collected (case 3517)


    I am trying to program an Directed Forgetting task, in which the subject sees a word for 3 seconds, followed by a blank screen for 5 seconds more. During the blank screen i ask the...
  12. "skip" constantly leads to session's end on windows 7 (case 3325)

    When using the "skip" option for collecting RT (for example: rt:33>5,34>6) the session will always end at this exact spot.
    I checked and double cheked that everything is properly compelled....
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