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  1. Hmmm, I would not see how, but maybe you know?...

    Hmmm, I would not see how, but maybe you know? The problem is, that participants choose 1 out of 5 products each time, and each product has it's own price (and the price/product values are...
  2. Using multiple responses.xls files possible? (case 437)


    in MediaLab v2010, I have programmed a game where participants can "buy" products, and they get a small reward upon making specific (preprogrammed) choices. Participants should also be able to...
  3. MediaLab 2010 not recognizing file updates(?)

    I have a very strange error, which results in me currently being not able to run experiments (I had this multiple times, in both .exp and .que files).

    If I create a file, save it, run it and...
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