Trouble Shooting Tips

Answers to many common trouble shooting questions can be found at our support site. If you can not find the answer to your question there, you may register a username and password and post your question directly on the support site. This is often the fastest way to get an answer from us or maybe even one of our other helpful users. If for some reason, you can not get the answer you need via the support site, then contact us directly through email at

No matter which route you take, there are two basic types of trouble you might experience while trying to use MediaLab. The first is trouble associated with a particular input file and the second is trouble associated with the program in general. Here are some questions and we're likely to ask and recommendations for what to do depending on your situation.

Questionnaire or Experiment File Trouble

If you're having trouble with a particular file you're working on, but otherwise MediaLab is running fine (e.g., samples work ok), then:

Post your questions on the forums at the Empirisoft website or send us an email with your questions and a copy of your problem file  with as few items in it as possible to illustrate your question. Ideally, try to send files that are directly relevant to your problem or question; this will help us see as quickly as possible what's going on. If we can quickly see and replicate the issue here, then we can usually solve the problem much faster.  If you need to send a large file or set of files, it's best to use a compressed .zip folder.

System or Software Trouble

If it's an apparent bug that you've found, or some unusual behavior, try to tell us the following in your post or email:

Does the same thing happen on multiple machines, or just one? Problems that replicate are usually much easier to fix!

Is it seemingly random or predictable? What do you have to do to make it happen?

Does the same thing happen with any of the files that come with MediaLab in the Samples folder or is it specific to a single file that you've created (see above)?

What version of MediaLab (e.g., are you using? You can find this by clicking "About" on the Help menu. What version of Windows are you using? Have you tried making sure that no other programs are running at the same time that might be causing some kind of interference?

Note that the samples that come with MediaLab should always run fine. If they don't, you may have a system problem. In this case, the first thing to try is usually making sure you have the latest version of MediaLab.

One thing we can do is look over your system diagnostics and see if there are any obvious problems that could be corrected. If you want to try that, here is how you do it: Type "dxdiag" from the "Run" command on the Windows "Start" menu. You will get a complete diagnostic description of your system. If you then click "Save All Information" and send the resulting file to us, we'll take a look at it and see if we can see anything problematic. You can also check for some obvious problems here yourself--the display tab in particular may indicate you could benefit from a driver update or other action.