Omit Conditions (Questionnaire Files)


Omits the particular question in the conditions specified. Response is assigned a missing value.


Although you may want to administer a given Questionnaire File in multiple conditions, you may want to skip certain items in some conditions. To skip the item, simply enter the condition(s) that are not to receive the item in the omit conditions field.


Subjects watch a video about sexual harassment of women in the workplace by male co-workers. Afterwards they fill out a female sexual harassment questionnaire. Men are all assigned to condition 1 and women are assigned to condition 2. The question "Have you ever been sexually harassed by a male co-worker?" is to be omitted for male subjects. Therefore, in the Omit Conditions field, there will be a (1). The question "Have you ever sexually harassed a female co-worker" is to be omitted for female subjects, and so (2) is placed in the Omit Conditions field.

If more than one condition should not get the item, then separate the conditions with commas, like so: