Meta Commands


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Sample Description

Version 2006 introduced the Meta Command. These are commands you can use that span multiple trials. Simply create a !Meta column in your input file and place any meta commands you like there.

For example, say you want the session to end 5 minutes after the first trial begins. Simply enter "end:300000" in the Meta column for the first trial. Or you might want the session to skip to a particular block after a fixed time expires--you would enter">300:60000" to tell DirectRT to skip to trial 300 after 60 seconds has elapsed from this point. We'll be adding new meta commands as we think of them and feel free to request one.

Thie "metacommands.csv" sample input file illustrates a timed math task embedded within remember/know (old/new) task. Note that the time-based skip is started at the onset of the trial from which it is called and is executed when the time expires. The skip will occur no matter where DirectRT is but will wait until the current trial has been completed (it will not interrupt a session mid-trial).
In our example, we tell DirectRT to skip to trial 111 after the math task has been executing for 30 seconds. Trial 111 is the instruction set for the next task.