Tutorial: Using Optional Fields (12/21)


…\DirectRT\samples\2 basics\optionalfields.csv


The final lesson in the Basics is to show you about Optional Fields. Open the input file and check out the new column. There's a new column inserted called "!Prime" This is totally for you so that you can identify which trials are which when analyzing your data. You can add as many of these optional fields as you want. Just make sure they all go after the trial column and that column header always starts with !

For example, in this input file, the "!Prime" optional field indicates which trials have a positive adjective as a prime and which have a negative adjective. Since Optional Field columns are written to the data file, this will make analyzing the data much easier.

As an exercise, try adding another Optional Field column beside the !Prime column and entering some values for each trial. Run the session and then open the data files to see that your new optional field was written.

Congratulations! You have finished the Basics!