Multiple RTs


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Sample Description

DirectRT will record multiple RTs on a single trial if you request it. Take a look at the sample input file "lex1.csv" in this folder and you will see that each trial requests 8 RTs. The following excerpt shows two of the eight sequential RTs:


After running this sample, take a look at the resulting data file. You will see that only one RT has been recorded for each trial-the final one. In order to view and analyze data from input files that assess multiple RTs, you will need to use the log data file, located in the "Log" subfolder of the data folder. Open the log version of the data file and you will see the data for each of the eight RTs on every trial:


The log file allows you to differentiate between the multiple RTs with the "Order" column. Normally, the order column tells you the ordinal position in which the trial occurred in the session. In this sample, the trial labeled Block 1, Trial 1 was the second trial to occur (the instruction screen was the first but since it has a Block value of 0, it is not written to the data file). When recording multiple RTs, the order column also tells you which RT the data refer to. 2.01 refers to the first RT, 2.02 refers to the second, 2.03 to the third and so on up to 2.08 which refers to the eighth and final RT for that trial.

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