File Format


All input and output files used in DirectRT are saved in the .CSV format. This standard comma-delimited format allows editing of input and output files using any favorite spreadsheet application.

** Excel and some other programs may tell you that saving in the .CSV format will cause a loss of formatting and/or other info. This is fine and in no way will harm your input file.

** Users in a few countries may have to set their "Regional Settings" in the Windows Control Panel to that of the United States in order to correctly view and edit .csv files in Excel.

CSV File Format

A key DirectRT concept is that you create an input file using whatever spreadsheet application you are most comfortable with. If you know how to work with a spreadsheet in Excel, Quattro, Lotus or other application then you already know how to edit DirectRT input files. When you're done creating or editing your input file, you simply select Save As from the file menu of your spreadsheet application and save your input file in the .CSV format (comma-delimited).


When you ask DirectRT to open an Input or Output file it launches the application set by default to open .CSV files on your computer. If there is no default set, you may have to indicate which application you want to use when you first try this. Simply choose whichever spreadsheet program you like to use. If the default program is set but you want to change it then do this:

Go to Windows Explorer and find a file of the .CSV type. Click it once to highlight it and click the right mouse button on the file and select "Open With." Find and select your desired spreadsheet application. DirectRT will now send your files to that application for viewing and editing.